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Unified Work | Business Consulting

At Unified Work, we join forces with both employers and individuals with disabilities to foster a truly inclusive workplace through specialized business consulting and training. Diversity is essential, but not every organization is equipped to effectively recruit, onboard, and train individuals with disabilities. Now, you can transform your workplace into an inclusive and accessible environment—for FREE!

Unified Work Business Consulting Brochure


Our Business Consulting Services

While integrating diversity and inclusion may present challenges, the rewards are undeniable. Harness the full spectrum of your talent pool. Through our specialized business consulting services, we empower managers to shift their perspectives, unlock fresh skills within teams and talents, assess and revamp outdated hiring processes and systems, and enhance overall morale throughout your organization.



  • Disability Awareness & Etiquette
  • Inclusion & Accessibility
  • Recruitment
  • Retention


  • Candidate Screening
  • Support During the Onboarding Process
  • Ongoing Support for the Intern
  • Support for Supervisors, Mentors, and Co-Workers

If you have questions or would like more information about our Unified Work Business Consulting services, contact Alison at 651-999-8305 or via email at



How We Partner with Businesses & Organizations




Elevate your leaders’ capabilities in crafting top-tier talent teams. When leaders incorporate inclusion into their vision, their direct reports take notice.



Equip your managers with the skills required to effectively train, support, and nurture employees, enhancing retention rates and expediting position filling.


Inspire your employees with courses that bolster development for all team members, creating a culture of support and growth.

Your Partner in Inclusion

MDI is a non-profit social enterprise that employs nearly fifty percent of people with disabilities in a manufacturing setting at various levels of our organization. We have a deep understanding of how inclusive strategies in the workplace are built. For more information regarding Unified Work, or a FREE consultation call 651-999-8410.