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Shrink Wrapping Services

Shrink wrapping is an ideal packaging solution for products or promotions that require multiple items to be presented together in an appealing, tamper-resistant package. Businesses that need quality, professional packaging at affordable prices often use shrink packaging to get the job done. MDI maintains a 60,000 SF facility to fill shrink-wrapping orders no matter their size.

Increased security

Shrink wrapping increases the security of the package, keeps the contents together, allows visibility of the existing marketing print, and improves the cleanliness of the project on the shelf.

Improved flexibility

Work with uniquely shaped products, and it can accommodate a virtually unlimited range of product sizes.


Shrink wrap offers a much more affordable alternative over other materials used for packaging. Effective use of shrink wrap can also minimize space by keeping items bundled closely together without the use of additional bulky materials like boxes.


We work around the clock in three production shifts to accommodate the tightest deadlines. Our shrink lines can handle various product sizes as well as objects with sensitive components.

Our Shrink Wrap Process

When you choose MDI for your shrink wrap packaging needs, you can rest assured that we’ll manage the whole process, so you don’t have to worry. From sourcing materials and machinery to designing custom solutions for your specific needs, MDI is ready to work with you every step of the way. Take a look at our simple three-step shrink wrapping process below:

  • Choose from three types of shrink wrap: polyolefin, PVC, and polyethylene.
  • Products enter the packaging system to wrap and heat seal every item to close the ends of the film.
  • A heating element is used to create the final wrapped product.


Keeping Your Inventory Protected

MDI provides shrink wrap services to help your business get the most out of its products. Shrink wrap is a material made up of solid polymer plastic film, which shrinks tightly around any size of the product when heat is applied. Heat is applied with a handheld heat gun or inside a heat tunnel. 

Shrink wrapping is the right solution for businesses looking for quality and professional packaging within budget. It’s a durable and versatile packaging method, and can be used for a wide variety of products, from delicate electronics to heavy machinery. Also, it is a great way to protect your products for the long haul.

MDI maintains a 60,000 square feet facility to perform shrink wrapping orders of any size. We ensure every order meets the tightest deadline and your expectations. Our main goal is to make your business succeed, and we can help you do that with the top-quality shrink wrap packaging services we provide.

shrink wrapping bottles

Which Industries Do We Cover?

MDI is proud to offer a wide range of shrink wrap packaging services for all your needs. Our solutions meet the industry’s highest quality standards and are FDA certified for handling, labeling, relabeling, packing, and repacking food items. 

We can help you create a custom packaging solution for your products, whether you need to ship a large order or want to package up a few items for sale at your retail store. 

Our well-trained and experienced team will work closely with you to ensure that your custom solutions are ideally suited to your needs and designed with ease of use in mind.

  • Toy shrink wrapping services
  • Gift box shrink wrapping services
  • Food shrink wrapping services
  • Cosmetics shrink wrapping services
  • Office supplies shrink wrapping services
  • Candy shrink wrapping services
  • Book shrink wrapping services
  • Box shrink wrapping services

Partner with MDI

MDI employs people of all abilities to help brands deliver products around the country. With your project, we’re able to create more meaningful jobs, where employees learn new skills and achieve self-sustainability.

Employee Testimonials

Scott Schifsky

Scott, assists with product testing for Fortune 500 customer.

Scott Schifsky

“Having different people is important to a company’s growth, because people can contribute different ideas. MDI not only supports employees on the work floor, but outside of MDI too, depending on the person’s needs.”

Mike Holmstrom

Mike, Vice President of Grand Rapids Marine

Mike Holmstrom

“Ben P. is really good at stopping by and checking in with employees (with a big smile on his face). This encourages teamwork and friendship, which helps to unify the workplace.”

Scott Anderson

Scott Anderson

“Having a diverse workforce teaches important lessons and really opens people’s eyes to the value people with disabilities bring to the team. Everyone helps each other, and after time, the disability is virtually nonexistent. Having a job helps to build a person’s self-worth, purpose and self-esteem.”


What Are the Benefits of Shrink Packaging?

Increased Security

Your shrink wrapped products will be protected from damage due to dirt, humidity, and other environmental elements. Shrink wrap packaging also helps prolong the lifespan of products that might spoil quickly, and prevent tears or punctures.

Showcase Your Branding

Use customized shrink wrap to increase and spread brand awareness with your logo, colors, words, pictures, and more. Eye-catching packaging is a marketing tool that encourages customers to buy your products again.

Optimized Storage Space

Use shrink wrap tools in your warehouse or distribution center to increase space and make it available for other business needs. Shrink-wrapped products are not only lightweight, but take up less floor space than other standard packaging tools.


Choose shrink wrap as a more affordable alternative since it requires up to 75% less material compared to traditional packaging tools.

Improved Flexibility

Use shrink wrap as packaging for a variety of different product shapes. When shrink wrapping for retail products, you never have to stop to consider which sized package you need since it’s a one-size-fits-all option. You can also bundle products of varied sizes together.


Never worry about our ability to meet your deadlines. We work in three production shifts so that we can meet any deadline with ease. And we can handle products of various sizes and levels of fragility or sensitivity.

FDA Compliance

There’s no need to worry about the safety of your packaged foods or beverages. Our shrink wrap complies with FDA and third-party regulations to ensure the safety and freshness of food and beverages.

High Product Quality

Selecting MDI for your shrink-wrapping needs ensures that you get the highest-quality shrink-wrapping films to meet industry standards. Businesses can use our shrink-wrapping packages for every retail product.