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Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Though popular shipping materials like cardboard are considered sustainable packaging alternatives, they don’t offer the same durability as a corrugated plastic box, tray or tote from MDI. Transporting products from conveyor belt to delivery truck to warehouse can leave goods vulnerable to dust, moisture and damage from impact. 

Over time, cardboard materials tear, which means you spend more time and money replacing your shipping containers than using them to distribute your products. 

100% Recyclable

Our products are made of high-quality polypropylene or polyethylene material and are 100% recyclable. And you can build your own to suit your application needs.

Low Cost | Less Waste

Rather than burning money on replacing cardboard, fiberboard or other shipping containers that can’t hold up to the pressure of nationwide distribution, MDI’s sustainable packaging products last for years.

Sustainable Packaging Solutions

MDI’s portfolio of plastic containers offers a reusable solution to businesses in any industry. Water and chemical resistant, our products are built to push, pull and transport your goods across the country.

Plastics with Purpose

Every sustainable packaging tote, box and tray helps us make a bigger impact on our community by giving our employees job sustainability.

Build Your Own Corrugated Containers

Need a custom solution? Try our easy-to-use custom product builder to fit the specifications you need to keep your business moving forward.