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Supporting America's Leading Industries

We’ve heard what businesses need: more efficiency, durability and cost saving solutions. You want to ensure your products are packaged and assembled with precision and that they arrive on time, and in one piece, to their next destination. MDI is a reliable partner proudly serving small businesses to Fortune 500 companies across industries.

Supporting Manufacturing Facilities

From reusable plastic totes that easily transport products through assembly lines and conveyors belts to manual kitting and inspection services, we’ll keep your products safe, secure and assembled from the warehouse to the delivery trucks and beyond. 

Nationwide Plastic Packaging Supplier

At MDI, we’re committed to supporting business with quality corrugated plastic containers and in-house production services, all designed to meet your brand’s application and reusability needs.

Helping Farmers and Harvesters Across the Nation

Both retailers and customers deserve access to nutritious food that tastes like it was freshly picked. Our corrugated plastic boxes help cushion, transport and display fresh produce to ensure your produce stays fresh before it arrives to market.

Streamlining Logistics and Transportation

When cardboard boxes aren’t up to the challenge, our plastic boxes and totes offer durable, reusable solutions that both maximize space and minimize damage during the process of packing, handling and stocking. We also offer cost-effective shrink wrapping services to handle any size bulk shipment.

Protecting Warehouse and Distribution Centers from Product Damage

We’ll help you keep products in prime condition before they reach their final destination. And because our plastic containers offer stronger performance, you’ll also save money on buying less replacement packaging.

Improving Medical Packaging and Assembly

Medical device companies require durable packaging to protect delicate, outgoing parts and incoming tests. Our packaging and custom dividers are ideal for storing, handling and protecting fragile vials, syringes, tubes and medical equipment. 

Helping Retailers Meet Fluctuating Demand

Retailers need a reliable supply chain to meet fluctuating demand and improve go-to market time. Learn how MDI offers extensive experience building and assembling retail-ready point-of-purchase (POP) displays and providing retail storage and logistic containers.

Helping Deliver Food and Beverages

Packaging plays a key role in delivering a safe food supply from farm to table and is a material of choice for freezing foods for longer term storage. MDI offers both products and services solutions to serve the food and beverage industry needs.

Featured Project: Company Improves Closed Loop System

A Fortune 100 company needed a reusable product for a closed loop application. MDI designed a regular slotted container that included a L-lock top and auto lock bottom. It was designed to collapse and become nearly flat for space-saving stacking and storage. Made of durable corrugated plastic, the newly designed box can now be refilled and redistributed numerous times aiding in long-term cost savings.

Our Products & Services

Plastic Products

Choose from our portfolio of standard and custom totes, boxes, and containers that make it easier to stack, store and transport goods.

blue Corrugated polyethylene totes on conveyer carrying boxes.

Service Solutions

Our contract services can help to reduce overall overhead costs and scale production to meet seasonal demands. MDI has the certifications, space and resources to keep your supply chain steady. 

Socially Responsible Organization

When you partner with MDI, you’re getting more than competitive pricing, fast quoting and complete customization to fit your project’s needs and budget. You’re also helping us make a greater impact on our community by creating better, sustainable jobs for people with disabilities.