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Supplying Food-Grade Plastic Containers, Crates and Bins

When it comes to protecting the freshness of your crops, produce and plant life, experience matters. At MDI, we offer competitively priced plastic packaging solutions to support farmers and harvesters across the country.

Custom Products

From the field to the warehouse, you need a plastic shipping container to help protect products and reduce damages during the distribution process. Our in-house engineers can design a custom packaging solution to ensure your products stay fresh by the time they reach the market.

Standard Products

Our sustainable plastic containers offer durability in the field as harvest picking trays and carriers, as well as in the warehouse for storing, stacking and nesting. Made of food grade, high-density plastic, our boxes and harvest totes offer moisture control with optional fumigation holes for proper drainage of moisture or pesticides.

FDA Registered for Food Assembly and Packaging

MDI’s Minneapolis facility is FDA certified to perform food handling, labeling, relabeling and repackaging of food items. Our employees receive on-the-job training to ensure we always comply with quality standards and strict FDA guidelines with every good we handle.

The Search for a Plastic Packaging Supplier is Over

No matter the size of your shipment, our products include unique features, such as easy field identification, galvanized steel handles, and weather resistance to help you get the job done. To learn how we can support your harvest shipping needs, request a quote today!

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Plastic Totes for Agriculture and Harvesting

Corrugated plastic totes are also great options for farmers and harvesters. Hauling moist or wet crops that may have been chemically treated from fields to processing, packaging, or distribution facilities, requires resilient containers. And several MDI options can help you save time and money in your agricultural operations.

For those in the agricultural industry, we offer lightweight, low-profile totes that are easy to store and keep freight costs low while being able to handle the crops, equipment, or materials you need. We also offer heavy-duty versions that can handle 15, 18, or as much as 25 gallons for heavier loads.

Harvest Tote

Plastic Boxes for Agriculture Packaging

MDI’s line of food-grade corrugated plastic boxes are the perfect option for your harvest. Our corrugated plastic boxes will keep your produce fresh and secure throughout the supply chain. When you transition from cardboard to corrugated plastic boxes for your agriculture products, you benefit from a more efficient and cost-effective option. Not only are corrugated plastic boxes more durable and cost-effective than other options, but they are also longer-lasting.

Depending on its contents, you may get between 20 and 100 uses from a corrugated plastic box – far more than from a corrugated cardboard. And when you’re handling wet materials or humid conditions, cardboard box disintegration can slow down your operations considerably.

custom corrugated box for agriculture