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Are you in need of high-quality packaging services for your business? MDI is here to help. Our Minnesota-based contract packaging company provides packaging services throughout the country. Contact us for a quote today!

Why Choose Contract Packaging Services?

Contract packaging, also called co-packing or outsource packaging services, happens when one company hires another company to manage its packaging supply, order fulfillment, assembly, and distribution. The contract packaging company may use multiple vendors.

Utilizing contract packaging services fulfills the entire packing process, such as kitting, bundling, and sealing your products to prepare them for retail sale. They can even ship orders directly to customers and retailers. The result is a streamlined, quick-turnaround system that’s mutually beneficial.

Operational efficiency is essential when it comes to fast-moving consumer goods or FMCGs. Ensuring your products are shelf-ready with a contract packaging company can significantly affect operational efficiency for the better.

If you choose to utilize multiple companies instead of a single firm, you run the risk of miscommunication, late projects, and higher costs. Purchasing a package ensures your product is inspected, packed, stored, and distributed from one location (or possibly a branch).

When you choose MDI, you choose dedication to quality contract packaging services and decades of loyal customers. We will save you money, time, and effort so you can concentrate on what matters – your business.

Contract Packaging

About Us

At MDI, we provide contract packaging services for companies around the country using expert production facilities and environmentally-friendly practices.

Our ultimate goal as a leading contract packaging company is to expand distribution, improve efficiency, and cut costs. Our partners receive facility space and skilled labor with ISO certifications to accurately kit, package, and assemble your products.


Our Industries

We specialize in medical contract packaging and assembly service, food and beverages, farmers and agriculture companies, retail, warehouse distribution, and transportation. Our contract packaging company serves almost every business type on the market.


Our Contract Packaging Services


MDI offers assembly contract packaging services to reduce labor costs and boost output. We ensure your packaging ships at a reasonable price and maximizes your ROI.

Our manufacturing space and skilled team resources are an excellent solution for high-volume contract packaging services while meeting deadlines with quick turnarounds. If you need a contract packaging company that delivers your products on time – we have your back.

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Our kitting product packaging services streamline packing and picking. Our trusted contract packaging company workers store your products together in an expertly organized kit so you can find your items quickly and efficiently.

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Reworking and Refurbishing

Here at MDI, we supply more than just contract packaging. We help repackage, refurbish, rework, and resale contract packaging services. Our rework service is perfect for earning additional profit from resale by inspecting products that may have been defected and reproducing them for the market.

While this cuts down on production costs, it also benefits the environment – skipping the initial production steps and simply refurbishing a product requires much less fuel and manpower than creating a new product.

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Labeling errors from a contract packaging company can jeopardize safety, trigger product recalls, and damage your reputation. Our team of contract packaging experts will handle your data and hand assembly needs with accuracy.

For example, if a label does not specify an allergen or ingredient that a customer could be sensitive to and they end up becoming ill, your incorrect label could face lawsuits or extensive fines. When you use MDI for labeling, you can rest assured your products have endured tedious inspections before hitting the shelves.

Below is the full range of benefits that you enjoy from our contract packaging services regarding labeling:

  • Reduce production cost and human error.
  • Receive access to our experienced contract packaging company staff and high-quality labeling.
  • Reliable consistency.
  • Gain access to flexible resources for fluctuations in demand.
  • Earn access to lot track & SKU track.
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Product Inspection

We perform product inspections and quality assurance tests with our contract packaging services that give you an extra competitive boost in your industry.

Every MDI employee goes through extensive training on manual and visual inspections. We use your equipment in our contract packaging company-run lab to run tests and record results for engineering and scientific functions. These tactics ensure that you stand out from your biggest competitors.

MDI will also assist your company with the following contract packaging services:

  • Return or product recall inspections.
  • Confirm that liquidated, overstocked, or returned items go through an inspection, repackaging, and return to market circulation.
  • Ensure that the product performs following specific manufacturer requirements.

Our inspections are not arbitrary – we ensure your product meets governmental regulations and safety standards. The process saves you money in the long run, as you can better avoid potential recalls or returns.

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Shrink Wrapping

Do you have several products that must be shipped simultaneously in a tamper-evident package? Our shrink wrap services accommodate orders of any size and shape.

The MDI shrink wrap contract packaging service provides added security to your products by keeping them in place and adds to their shelf life, as it prevents unwanted dust and dirt from landing on your product. Your product will remain intact until you’re ready to launch.

Shrink wrapping is also much cheaper than most other contract packaging company methods and works well for small warehouses as it saves space.

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How Can MDI Help Your Company?

Save Time and Money

We value your time and your partnership throughout our contract packaging services. We provide comprehensive solutions to save you trips to multiple contract packaging company offices.

Some ways we can help cut costs are:

  • Lower freight rates
  • Minimized transportation expenses
  • Decreased delivery time
  • Cost-effective labor

Damage and product loss costs are a risk for any business, so choosing us as your one-stop-shop for competent contract packaging services is your best bet. We want your business to thrive and do everything possible to ensure that happens.

Our contract packaging company has all the necessary machinery and skilled workers to ensure packing and assembly run smoothly.

Managing Business Relationships

Managing business relationships is substantially more enjoyable if you only need to deal with one contract packaging company. At MDI, we strive to establish genuine relationships with our contract packaging partners for mutual benefit.

MDI as your contract packaging company equates to fewer errors, communication issues, and solid business relationships. We respect your vision and your company. We want to provide you with the highest-quality contract packaging services imaginable for a long-lasting relationship.

Customized Business Solutions

MDI offers reliable and personalized contract packaging services to manage every step of the packing process. We develop a customized plan that works for your company, budget, and desired result.

We supply access to multiple workforce members with vast knowledge of contract packaging – because we think your business and its customers deserve the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a contract packaging company?

A contract packaging company is a business that packages products for other companies. Various industries such as pharmaceuticals, food, and household products utilize contract packaging services.

A contract packaging company distributes and warehouses products to save businesses time and effort, as they do not have to hire individual people to perform each required job.

What are contract packaging services?

Contract packaging services refer to getting a product shelf-ready by selecting the best material to preserve the product for distribution, as the appearance of your product impacts sales. MDI helps create a unique and well-designed package to ensure your company makes a statement on the shelf.

What is a co-packing agreement?

A co-packing agreement involves a business developing arrangements with a contract packaging company to handle the logistical aspects of production. The deal will outline the responsibilities of both parties and the requested contract packaging services.

Co-packing agreements particularly matter during contract food packing. A contract packaging company establishes a legal agreement that allows the packer to use specific recipes and ingredients.

What is contract filling and packaging?

A contract filler makes the product aesthetically appealing and cost-effective. Additionally, contract packaging services may involve filling dry products with liquids, such as cosmetics, shrink wrapping, gels, capsules, and more.

Contract bagging is a similar service that requires a product to be filled before packaging for distribution.

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MDI’s assortment of contract packaging services is the ideal solution to your contract packaging needs. If you want a dependable company to count on to prioritize your needs, we have data-driven results to take your business to the next level.

Whether you require expertly-packaged shrink wrapping, kitting, or product inspections, the top-notch manufacturers at our contract packaging company can help your business reach its full potential. Call us today to get started on your best venture yet.