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Hand Assembly and Packaging Services

MDI offers skilled hand assembly and packing services to take time-consuming tasks off your company’s plate — increasing output and reducing labor costs. We specialize in projects that can’t be handled through automation, where hand assembly and packaging of items is necessary. Our resources, manufacturing space and diverse, skilled team are capable of handling your high-volume projects with quick deadlines.

Hear From One of `Our Happy Customers

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Focused on Hand Packaging and Assembly

MDI offers a range of contract production services with a focus on hand packing and assembly from our skilled workforce.  

Hand Assembly

Why Outsource?

  • Gain consistent quality control over your process
  • Increase your ability to adapt and be flexible for growing demand
  • Improve efficiency to go to market faster and with more product
  • Shift your focus to core competencies and new opportunities

Quality Control

Our Hand Assembly Solutions in Action

A beverage manufacturers uses MDI’s production services to repalletize consumer goods. Product is sent directly to MDI’s facility, where staff repalletize by flavor, shrink wrap and ship to the grocery store. This ongoing project freed up space and resources at the manufacturer’s facility and allowed them to meet fluctuating seasonal demands.

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Get a quote on your project and trust MDI can handle even your highest-volume jobs at the quick turnarounds you depend on.

Employee Testimonials

Anthony’s Story

Anthony enjoys assembling Fortune 500 company totes in Cohasset, Minnesota.

Anthony’s Story

“A diverse work floor helps us to learn from each other. MDI employees are here to help one another learn the jobs and fit in to the team.”

Angela Anacker

Angela shown assembling waterjet bricks

Angela Anacker

“MDI’s unique because they’ve taught us how to be more ‘open’ to other people’s differences and abilities. I’ve even gotten help building my resume and applying for jobs within MDI and outside MDI, all to better myself.”

Cody Walker

Cody running the printer for plastic packaging orders.

Cody Walker

“Diversity gives people with disabilities a fair chance. I’m more comfortable at MDI than I’ve been at other mainstream jobs.”