Andriel Dees, Vice Chancellor for Equity and Inclusion, Minnesota State System

Education: Hampton University, William Mitchell College of Law

Minneapolis-based nonprofit manufacturer MDI is excited to announce the appointment of Andriel Dees to its Board of Directors. In this role, Andriel will provide guidance and oversight to the organization as it carries out its mission of creating meaningful employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

Andriel is a transformational leader in higher education and has a strong track record of advancing excellence through diversity. As Vice Chancellor for Equity and Inclusion at Minnesota State, she leads the Office of Equity and Inclusion and serves as the primary advisor to the Chancellor. Her professional expertise is centered around diversity in higher education and legal education.

In addition to her role at Minnesota State, Andriel is active in her community as an advisory board member for the Page Education Foundation and a board member for the Nellie Stone Johnson Scholarship Foundation.

MDI looks forward to the valuable insights and contributions Andriel will bring to the Board of Directors, reinforcing our commitment to inclusivity and empowerment.