By Sun Sailor, March 29, 2024

Matt Kyrllis completed a Minnetonka internship with the help of MDI’s Unified Work program.

Plymouth resident Matt Kyrllis is taking his future into his own hands with the help of Minnesota Diversified Industries (MDI), a manufacturing company based in Minneapolis with a nonprofit mission to empower people with disabilities.

With nearly half of the company’s employees having some form of disability, their new Unified Work internship program is working to help those of varying abilities harness their unique strengths, and Kyrllis was the first participant in the program to graduate and get an internship.

“My experience working with MDI to get [an] internship was great,” Kyrllis said. “I am hoping to get into the field of fitness and health and eventually help people along their journey to be as healthy as they can be, whether they are able bodied or are an adaptive athlete like me.”

Not only was Kyrllis hired in November of last year as the first ever intern at the Minnetonka branch of Minnesota Bank & Trust, but he was offered the job on the spot.

“MDI sent an email about the internship to the person I was working more closely with to land a job,” he explained. “She informed me of the opportunity and I applied. … I was lucky enough to nail [the interview].”

In their internship program, MDI supports those with disabilities in their job search by identifying career opportunities, preparing a resume and cover letter and getting ready for interviews. Kyrllis landed his internship with Minnesota Bank & Trust after five years of unemployment.

With the help of MDI, Kyrllis completed this internship in January of this year and is now ready to find a full-time position.

“The biggest thing that I think will help is getting some recent experience on my resume,” he said. “I feel like if there is a fairly big gap employers will just toss your resume instead of asking why. The second thing I am hoping will help my job hunting is that my manager from the bank wrote me an excellent letter of recommendation.

“I am hopeful that after reading that letter and potentially calling her, employers will see that having a disability is not as detrimental to a company as they may think, but could actually be a positive asset.”

MDI’s Vice President of Employment Services Jeanne Eglinton, who works to support the Unified Work program, said, “MDI’s mission is to serve people with disabilities by offering inclusive employment opportunities and services. Our vision is meaningful employment for all people with disabilities.

“Unified Work offers free training to people with disabilities to help them gain skills needed in the workforce. Additionally, we work with businesses to help them create a more diverse workforce and hire and support people with disabilities through free consulting services and training opportunities.”

Those interested in learning more about MDI’s Unified Work program can visit